As a candidate, you get to be a part of the community in multiple fun ways!

You get to enjoy a Twins Games, model fashions from a local clothing store, and hang out with the other candidates for Group Judging night. You may also get to go to neighboring community’s coronation and reception or parade to meet other people in the festival world!

You will get a chance to meet and volunteer with many of the adorable Junior Royalty Candidates at Art Night, a community service event, and their coronation and dance. And enjoy time and stories with the Senior Royalty at their Senior Coronation and Game Day.

Culminate the experience with a ride in a convertible down Mainstreet during the Grande Day Parade…doesn’t this sound right up your alley!?!

From meeting fellow business people, candidates and volunteers; to having fun with the Junior Royalty Candidates, and riding in a parade…

  • Crown Town Fundraising Dinner
  • Junior Royalty Candidate Art Night
  • Self Defense Class
  • Self Improvement Sessions
  • Feed My Starving Children
  • Meet the Candidates
  • Practice Interviews
  • Private Interviews
  • Minnesota Twins Game
  • Senior Royalty Coronation and Game Day
  • Junior Royalty Coronation and Dance
  • Attend Hopkins Raspberry Festival Board of Directors Meeting
  • Royalty Candidate Group Judging
  • Royalty Coronation and Royal Ball and Rehearsal
  • Grande Day Parade

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