Testimonial: Aubree Yunker 2005-2006 Hopkins Raspberry Festival Queen.
One of the many reasons I loved my experience as Royalty was the way that I grew as a professional young woman.  Throughout my year as queen I found myself a part of many public speaking opportunities.  We spoke at events around Hopkins and at other festivals’ coronations, both where we introduced ourselves and invited people to join us for the next Hopkins Raspberry Festival.  I had always felt pretty comfortable speaking publicly, but this program gave me the opportunity to hone my skills and not be such a scripted speaker.

I also learned to be more comfortable speaking to people that I had just met.  I learned to strike up a conversation with new people and skills to keep a conversation going.  I learned to network and make connections with people that I never would have before this program. Through just those two pieces of the Royalty program, I have increased my opportunities in my professional life.  I am a middle school science teacher, so I spend my whole day speaking to people.  I am able to keep a conversation going with middle school students and adults who may just need someone to talk to.  I have grown a passion for facilitating adult professional development classes and have been placed many leadership roles at our school.  The opportunities the Royalty Program gave me help me to grown into the professional woman I am today.