How would you like to be royalty?

The Hopkins Raspberry Festival Royalty Candidate Program is seeking qualified young ladies to compete for the titles of Hopkins Raspberry Festival Queen or Princesses.

Qualified candidates are young women between the ages of 17-25 as of July 1st, 2018, a graduate of high school by June 2019, have never been married, divorced and must live, work OR attend school in the Hopkins or Minnetonka School Districts (graduates of Hopkins or Minnetonka School Districts attending college elsewhere still qualify).

This is a great opportunity to earn college scholarships, wardrobe, travel opportunities, and to make a difference in your community.

Apply today!

Want a year of fun and lifelong memories?

Would you like to sharpen your interviewing skills? Become more confident at public speaking? Be an integral part of the Hopkins Raspberry Festival? Travel around representing Hopkins as Raspberry Royalty? Meet lots of new people?

This is NOT a beauty pageant. This program revolves around volunteerism and developing leaders that will serve as positive role models as ambassadors for the Hopkins Raspberry Festival and Hopkins. In addition the ambassadors will spend the next year visiting other communities throughout the state and meet hundreds of people through parades, coronations and other special events gaining valuable friendships, experience and making lifelong memories.

The candidate experience is very rewarding for everyone. Candidates are offered personal growth opportunities, fun social activities and memories to last a lifetime in a non-competitive environment. Qualified mentors will be available to help make every experience a positive one. Even if the candidate is not selected to be a part of the ambassadors, they will have a great time participating in many events during candidacy, have more confidence in public speaking and learn interviewing techniques. They will spend time with the Hopkins Raspberry Association committee and have a great time with new and old friends.