Raspberry Royalty Candidacy

Raspberry Royalty Candidacy

Continue building your leadership and professional skills as a Raspberry Royalty Candidate! The Raspberry Royalty Candidacy program runs from June at the end of the Leadership Workshop to July during the Raspberry Festival. At the conclusion of candidacy, three candidates will be crowned Raspberry Royalty at the Royal Coronation and Ball. The selected candidates will represent the community of Hopkins and build their leadership skills for one year. Raspberry Candidacy is designed for young women between the ages of 17 and 25.


Throughout Candidacy, Raspberry Royalty Candidates will network with other candidates, guest speakers, community members and other Raspberry Festival volunteers. These networking events will be both in formal and informal formats. Great opportunity to meet new people!

Professional Attire

It is important to make your best first impression. Having a professional wardrobe that helps you to feel confident can be a great start! As a candidate, you will get to take part in a shopping experience with a provided budget to add to your professional attire. Get some tips and tricks from volunteers and enjoy group shopping to get some helpful feedback.

Interview Experience

Interviews can be daunting and stressful for many people. The more you practice, the more experience and skills you gain for your next professional interview. All candidates will go through a panel interview as part of the candidacy process.

Public Speaking

Raspberry Royalty Candidates will have the chance to practice speaking publicly at a festival board meeting and several other networking events. Whether it’s standing up in front of a whole room or just casual mingling in a crowd of new people, you’ll gain practice and tips for breaking the ice and building your confidence.

Twins Game!

As a fun end to the candidacy program and also serving as an informal networking event, all registered candidates will attend a Minnesota Twins game at Target Field! The current Raspberry Royalty will have the opportunity to throw out the first pitch and candidates and other volunteers will be in the crowd to cheer them on.

Check out some memories and fun experiences from the Raspberry Candidacy Program!