Frequently Asked Questions

What am I expected to do?

Mostly, have fun!  There are a handful of casual meetings and rehearsals, all of which take place during evening hours.  Attendance is strongly recommended and will be handed in to the judges.  Final schedules will be handed out at orientation.

What are candidates judged on?

By far, the most important thing is that you WANT to participate in the Royalty program.  Other factors the judges consider are: communication skills, community involvement, poise, professionalism, work ethic, values, and judgement.  This is not a beauty pageant!

Do I have to find a business to sponsor me?

No, the festival volunteers find businesses willing to sponsor candidates.  If you work for or know of a business who would like to sponsor you, that’s great too!

As a candidate what will I receive?

You get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience something unlike anything you’ve ever done!  Great friendships and priceless memories will be made.  It’s also a self-improvement program.  You’ll enhance your confidence, public speaking skills, interpersonal skills, collaboration skills, etc.  You’ll also get the chance to learn more about the rich history of Hopkins and become an integral part of the community.

What if I attend school or work full-time, will I still be able to be a candidate and/or Royalty?

Of course.  We understand that most of the young women are probably both working and going to school.  As a candidate, almost all events are on weeknights.  And as Royalty most of the appearances take place during the summer.  If you have specific scheduling concerns, talk to the Candidate or Royalty Coordinators.

Can candidates run more than once?

Yes, and several do!  That tells you how much fun the candidacy is!

Can I run as a candidate but ask that I not be crowned?

Yes, if you know that you’d be unable to fulfill the commitment of Queen or Princess, you can still participate in the candidate process for the experience.