Workshop Sessions

The Raspberry Leadership Workshop

The workshop is designed to be an introduction to developing your leadership potential. The sessions below will provide opportunities to build new, and refine skills to help you succeed professionally. The 10 sessions are designed to cover all of 7 pillars of leadership we identify – Cooperation, Courage, Humility, Vision, Strategy, Focus and Integrity.

Resume & LinkedIn Profile Building

Presenting ones self in a professional manner is critical for success. Learn how to communicate your value to prospective employers and leave the session with a completed resume and LinkedIn profile.


It is always important for young women to know how to defend themselves if they were to be in a sticky situation. This will be a lesson that will teach the basics of how you can protect yourself and get out of harms way.

Interview Coaching

This is a great chance to practice for your interview. Our panel of mock judges (teachers, community members, etc.) will interview you and then they will call you back in for feedback.


Service to others is a foundational principle of leadership. Volunteer time at Feed My Starving Children.


Spend an evening (or two!) networking with fellow workshop participants, local businesses and past Raspberry Royalty. This will be a great time to meet community leaders, business owners, and past participants to learn more about civic-focused leadership.

Check out some memories from past Raspberry Leadership Workshop Sessions!

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